When Should You Take Engagement Pictures?

Couples Engagement Session by Captured By Lexi in Utah

Getting married is one of the most thrilling parts of our lives. Some people have made weddings as childhood dreams, with extravagant designs, expensive foods, well-crafted attires, and inspiring souvenirs. But before the wedding proper, there is an engagement where the couple and their families can have a formal agreement of marriage which can be done through dinner, parties, holidays, etc. After this, exciting parts such as planning and engagement pictures will occur. Getting married or not, if you are curious about how engagement photos should come to life, then this blog is your right spot!

What are engagement pictures? 

Some people do not consider engagement photos as wedding photos are more endearing. However, it is essential to note that engagement photos are starting marks of your wedding journey. Some sources define engagement photos as not merely fun shots, but the effort you and your photographers execute is low-stress. It is like a wedding day dry-run where you can learn to execute flattering poses flawlessly. 

Engagement photos and the engagement also strengthen the couple’s relationship as it provides intimacy and teamwork. You will see how your partner will work with you from small to big decisions. All in all, engagement photos capture the moment and the joy of being engaged. 

Why do you need engagement photos?

More than being a fancy display or a memorable journey to look back to, engagement photos are also used for wedding websites, save the date cards, wedding invitations, and newspaper announcements. These uses contribute to the convenience of your wedding as you will not stress about finding other photos. The photoshoot is not stressful as it is not posed or scripted but candid and beautiful. Engagement photos are also used more than wedding photos. 

Another tip is that engagement photo shoots can also be a good experiment with your wedding day makeup. Talking about makeup, less is more, too, as what feels too much makeup appears less visible on cameras. Ideally, your photographer can also suggest to you what makeup looks most flattering on camera so you can look the best on your most special day! 

When should you schedule an engagement photoshoot?

A lot of people are confused about when to take engagement photos. It is not required to set a photoshoot, but it is ideal to set a schedule a month or two after getting engaged. Of course, before scheduling, you must find a photographer who can also be your wedding day photographer. In general, your engagement photo shoot should be scheduled as soon as possible as the wedding day is also nearing. 

What is the attire for engagement pictures?

The attire for your engagement photo shoot should not be too grand. According to experts, less is more when it comes to this phase. A trusted article recommends neutral, soft, and subtle colors for a timeless look. Tones like taupes, whites, blacks, and beige are also the most flattering. They also suggest avoiding too bright or saturated colors because they will reflect on your face, especially in the sun. 

Brand new clothing is not entirely a requirement. It may be tempting, but your top priority should be your and your partner’s comfortability with your clothes.

Where is the venue for engagement pictures?

The choice of location is dependent either on your inspiration or your photographer’s inspiration. You can pick a meaningful location for your engagement photoshoots like your first date, favorite cafe or restaurant, local park, or favorite spot in the city. Your photographer can examine this place, get ideas, and ask for permission to use the area. 

It looks sentimental when the photo shoot takes place in memorable places, but some also ask the photographers for inspiration. It depends on the photographer’s style if they take you to a commonplace or a spotless photograph for uniqueness. If you and your partner love traveling, you may want to get photos from your vacation or travel places. In this case, you do not need to work with a photographer as you will take pictures on your own. They can go with you, but the price is higher than usual. 

How do you choose a photographer?

When it comes to choosing the right photographer, you must consider their style and attitude. Perhaps, you can also consider personality as you will be working most of the time with them. Whether your chosen photographer is local or from another city, you must be skeptical about their editing style. Photographers offer the same like candid, portraits, and formal poses, but it differs in their own brands. 

As we know, your first contact with your photographer will be through emails. Having excellent communication with them is good, but you should also meet them and assess their personality, attitude, and professionalism. Of course, you are not meeting with the photographer to befriend them, but establishing a healthy working environment through thoughtful conversations will help. 

For additional information, some photographers can edit your photos four days or less after your scheduled photo shoot. These photos are already edited, and you can receive them through email, flash drive, computer, or phone. You can also know the prices of the images on a photographer’s page and ensure that these prices already include the taxes. 

Lastly, you can always ask your photographer if you have a specific style in mind. They will always listen and work with you on the outcome you desire. After all, the customer is always right, and it is your photo that you will forever cherish!

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