Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me Portfolio by Captured By Lexi in Utah

As a photographer there is nothing more special than being able to capture my clients throughout years of their lives, capturing the milestones and growth that happen along the way! Tayiah was a wedding client of mine from years ago and now I get the honor of capturing her and her sweet little boy! We […]

Christi & Demitri Wedding Day!


I love capturing love! Christi & Demitri had the prettiest wedding day and it was such a joy to capture their love story! From getting ready, to a first look, walking down the isle into the reception, love was felt all day long!

Studio Vibes With Noel

Studio Vibes With Noel 7

I love a good studio session! I was able to meet up with Noel in my studio and we had so much fun being creative! Taking portraits for models, bloggers, companies, etc. is something I will always have a passion for. Did you know that I have been a model for over 13 years?? It’s […]

Baseball Themed Wedding

Baseball Themed Wedding by Captured By Lexi in Utah

ou read that title right, my awesome couple had a baseball themed wedding and it was nothing short of a homerun! Everything was so thought out and the details had myself and all of the guests captivated! I love themed anything and it was SO much fun! Being able to be a part of this […]

How Long Do Families Photos Take?

Families by Captured By Lexi in Utah

Capturing family moments is more than just a camera click; it’s about preserving memories that last a lifetime. Families, with their unique dynamics and bonds, offer a rich tapestry of emotions and interactions. While some might be hesitant about standing before a lens, the outcome often outweighs the initial reluctance. Photographs serve as tangible reminders […]

Fashion Forward: Embracing Personal Style and Sustainable Trends

Fashion by Captured By Lexi in Utah

Fashion photography is more than capturing garments; it celebrates personal style and creativity. As a blogger, model, and fashion enthusiast, I’ve enjoyed capturing others’ passion for fashion, creating something creative together, and exploring everything from editorial to lifestyle photography. The best part? It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about finding a balance between comfort and […]

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Weddings by Captured By Lexi in Utah

As you embark on planning your dream¬†wedding, one crucial element sets the stage for your special day: the perfect wedding venue. Picture a place that encapsulates your unique love story, where cherished memories will unfold and be etched in your hearts forever. As a Utah-based photographer, I understand the significance of capturing these precious moments […]

The Ultimate Guide To Newborn And Children’s Photography (Captured By Lexi)

The Ultimate Guide To Newborn And Childrens Photography Captured By Lexi

Capturing the fleeting moments of newborns and children is a profound and cherished endeavor. The art of newborn and children photography holds the power to freeze time, preserving the innocence, joy, and wonder of early life. This ultimate guide will equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to embark on this captivating journey. Professional […]

Creative And Personalized Wedding Vows

Creative And Personalized Wedding Vows

Weddings are unique expressions of a couple‘s love story, and nothing captures that essence more than personalized wedding vows and engagement photography. Often seen as separate, these two elements can intertwine to create a remarkably intimate portrayal of a couple’s journey, making the celebration even more special. This article will explore the intimate connections between […]

What Is a Bridal Style?

What Is a Bridal Style

Are you curious about what “Bridal Style” means in photography? If you’re planning a wedding or are interested in photography, you’ve probably heard this term before. But what exactly is it? At its core, Bridal Style is a specific approach to capturing a bride’s beauty, elegance, and essence on her special day. It combines lighting, […]

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