Couples & Engagement

Couples & Engagement

Let’s capture your love, the small and big moments, for an occasion or just because you want to make memories. Each love story is different, and your love deserves to be captured. Aren’t the most comfortable in front of the camera? No worries, I will be there to help you pose and make suggestions where needed.

Before you call a professional photographer, discuss with your partner what couple/engagement photos you’d like. Do You want candid or posed, formal or casual? Once you have that figured out, choose the perfect location. Where you decide to take couple/engagement pics can set the mood for the wedding or the rest of your life.

Perhaps it will be helpful to let your decisions be guided by how you plan to use the pics. Are you having pictures framed, reproduced in black and white, or used for your décor? Plan in advance to help you make the most of your photo shoot. You might consider:

Outside: Why not attempt to capture the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors? There are many possibilities for memorable shots outside. Visit a local park, the mountains, or a camping destination. Choose your favorite downtown location to emphasize what you like.

Home: Home is your comfort zone, and you look great on camera when you are relaxed and comfortable. Your living room, a cozy nook, the backyard, the deck, or a cool feature of your home would be a great location. 

Showcase an activity you love: Curl up before a roaring fire, showcase your cooking activities, take action shots doing a sport or even paint a room to make a unique couple/engagement photo. Showcase the two of you involved in a meaningful activity.

Get close: Have a few affectionate pictures like hugging, holding hands, or looking at each other You are in love, so show it off!




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