Newborns & Children

Newborns & Children

Kids are forever growing up so quickly! Doing a newborn or child portrait session, we can capture your sweet little(s) at any stage of their lives! From tiny toes to running toddlers to graduating seniors, no matter how big or small, we’ll make the session something that will be fun for them!

For newborn photography, I will pose the baby in its best light. But, sometimes, the best results are babies sleeping. Sleeping babies allows me to capture the serenity of those first few weeks.

For children, the most important element is the child or children in your photos. However, you also need to choose a location that will give a picture of the personality of your children. You can actually make something magical out of just about any setting. When shooting children and newborns, I choose a location that adds to the storytelling portion of your photo.

Children’s photos are best when shot in soft natural light. Good lighting adds a special quality to my photos. I try shooting before sunset when the light is soft, and I create this same mood in my studio. I let children of any age be spontaneous. Soft diffused light and spontaneous actions make for incredible newborn and children photos.

When taking photos of older children, it may help to have children doing something. For example, older boys love being photographed while pursuing their hobbies. I love to take pictures of older children doing something with their hands, like making a model or sitting on a bike.

The best advice I have for taking pictures of older children is to not talk down to them. Instead, talk to them like adults, and experiment with different angles and lenses. When taking pictures of children, I love to break a few rules and take photos in natural surroundings.

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