Maternity sessions capture a special time in your life as you are creating a life. It’s a beautiful process that we’ll capture within this session. Need newborns, a birth story, or a fresh 48 session as well?? Email me for a discounted rate on a bundle for all things baby!

The third trimester is the best time to take maternity photos since that is the time when the baby is showing. I try to focus on the belly since that is the main hero of the photoshoot. It’s also a great time to invite all the family members to the photo shoot. Nothing is cuter than an entire family admiring the expecting mom.

Other great subjects for a maternity photo shoot? How about a tiny pair of shoes? Nothing is so adorable as tiny baby shoes. Another idea is to have a silhouette of the mom. These photos are often taken in black and white and portray the emotions the mom is experiencing. Another great photo shot is the smiles of the expecting mom and dad. There are so many ideas, and I would love to take your maternity photo and use your ideas.

I love to take maternity photos, and your chosen outfit is very important. I ask my clients to think about what they want to look like before starting the photo shoot. Select clothes that accentuate the belly and ensure the colors are appropriate. I make sure the belly is the center of the shot, since that is the mainstay of a maternity shoot.

Cute ideas included in maternity packages are pictures of the little one after birth. Contact me for a package deal to include the before and after photos of your special time. A portrait of mom and baby can be an emotional time and one you may want to keep forever.

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