Regardless of if you want to capture outfit details or just have some updated photos of yourself, there’s always a reason to book a portrait session. Seniors, headshots, bloggers, just yourself, the possibilities are endless. As a model of many years, I can help you pose and feel comfortable in front of the camera for your session!

Portraits can be your calling card and are the representation of a person. A portrait is intended to display the subject’s personality, likeness, and mood. It can be a picture of you in a specific situation, only a headshot, or a full body shot. A portrait is not a snapshot but a composed image of someone in a still position.

Great portrait photography combines the right technique with the artist’s expression and your personality. I knows the technique of taking portraits – the correct camera settings, angles, lighting, and poses. I am an artist and know how to take a portrait creating a stunning and emotional story that creates feelings in the viewers. 

Great portrait photography is about following the rules and breaking the common mold. I have put together a portfolio of portraits that will convince you that your portrait will be handled professionally and with personality.

If you need a portrait but are anxious about your photographer, contact me at Captured by Lexi. My goal for you is to create and capture those memories in a medium that can be forever treasured. Don’t think of me as just someone taking your picture; I am the person helping you capture memories that will be available for future generations. I specialize in weddings, families, and portraits.  

Portraits for seniors are truly amazing. I love to capture their mood, looks, and the happiness they feel as they look toward the future. I will send you a high selection of portraits to choose. Bring your unique store to life with a portrait Captured by Lexi.


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