I absolutely love capturing all forms of fashion, whether it be for fun, content for your blog, or for a company you own! As a blogger and model of many years, it’s a niche that brings my heart so much joy! I love capturing others’ passion for fashion and creating something creative together! Editorial to lifestyle and everything in between! The best part about it is that if you need a specific style of editing or aesthetic, I’m your girl!

Fashion photography combines product, portrait, and fine art photography. Fashion is a genre where commerce and art meet, and as a fashion photographer, I need to be professional and knowledgeable. My background makes me definitely knowledgeable and professional. I follows the words of the fashion industry by seeing fashion photography as “a most fantastic barometer of the time.” (Eugenie Shinkle, art historian.)

Fashion photography is devoted to taking pictures of clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is often conducted to advertise fashion magazines, boutiques, and clothing stores or showcase subjects for career advancement or memories.

Fashion photography is a way for fashion designers to get their work out to the public. Fashion photography is its own niche and is an awesome way to capture my client’s talent.

As a fashion photographer, I often need to be physical and run around from show to show to capture the best side of fashion. In addition, it is my goal find a balance between comfort and personal style. I am a former model who knows the importance of fashion and photographing it correctly.

Look through my portfolio, and you will find incredible fashion shots in different venues, with models in different poses and situations.

If you are a model and need a portfolio of fashion shots, or you have a store you want to be advertised, call me! I have the connections and creativity to make your fashion shots come to life.

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