What is Destination Weddings? How Many Guests Usually Attends To Destination Wedding?

How Many Guests Usually Attends To Destination Wedding

Are you planning to see the world at its best with your partner? Go ahead and plan a destination wedding. Since wedding trends have changed, the term destination wedding means something completely different today. 

If you’re wondering, “What exactly is a destination wedding?” I have the answer! Because it’s not just a wedding on a tropical beach or in a remote part of your dream country. Share a special moment with me here at Captured By Lexi to know how I can help you more with your wedding plans. 

Who knows? This is just the best thing that you’re waiting for! Check out this blog post now. 

What is a Destination Wedding?

Traditionally, a destination wedding takes place somewhere other than the couple’s hometown and requires most or all of the guests to travel. Most of the time, these weddings occur in beautiful places. 

Nearly half of the couples had a destination wedding in 2021. This shows that destination weddings are a great alternative to traditional ceremonies. It may also mean that most of them are domestic or domestication weddings. 

Besides, there are many beautiful places to get married, so it’s no surprise that domestic weddings are becoming more popular. Besides, it’s also often easier to get a marriage license in the US than in other countries. 

Some couples choose their destination wedding city because it has special meaning, while others prefer it because they like it.

What’s With Destination Weddings?

I have seen an increase in domestic destinations, which we love just as much as those abroad. But many clients still decide to stay close to home because they want to take care of their families. 

For example, some have relatives with health problems and don’t want to risk their health by going out of the country. There were also destination resorts that made up most of the destination celebrations. 

So, even though the pandemic made it harder to plan destination weddings in 2021, the number of destination weddings was about the same as in previous years. In 2019, 21% of weddings were destination weddings, more than in 2021. 

The number of domestic and international destination weddings will continue to rise in 2022 and 2023. This is because of the current travel boom, and many people are eager to escape.

Considering Destination Weddings

In 2023, planning a wedding will be a little different, especially if it’s at a destination. Here are a few essential facts.

Cost Matters

The cost makes a lot of sense. There has been a lot of pent-up demand for weddings, driving up prices and limiting the number of vendors. In the next year or two, resorts and other places of interest may be less willing to change what they offer if you want to get what you want, be careful and patient when negotiating and asking for what you want.

Planning Ahead of Time

Planning a destination wedding is essential to as much time as possible. 12 to 18 months is a reasonable time frame. This way, the couple can thoroughly plan their party and give their guests plenty of time to prepare. 

It’s always best using “pre-save-the-dates” to get a more accurate and earlier count of how many guests are likely to show up. If you want a wedding in a faraway place, you should hire a wedding planner to help with all the details. 

Studies found that couples who had a wedding at a destination were much more likely to hire a planner, which makes sense. They can help you plan all of the events for your wedding and book the right vendors to make your dream come true. 

A travel agent can also help you arrange your guests’ flights and places to stay. It’s important to know that the average cost of a wedding at a domestic destination is higher than the average cost of a wedding in the couple’s hometown, not including the engagement ring). 

But because the number of guests at destination weddings tends to be smaller, couples spend more per guest at a destination wedding. Research also shows that teams are more focused than ever on giving their guests a unique, memorable experience instead of a one-day party. 

Couples can change up the traditional wedding ceremony in many ways. Some people keep the party going with a second wedding or an anniversary party. In contrast, others throw a small wedding on a big budget. 

And now, more and more couples are choosing to get married at home. Modern teams put their spin on tradition by focusing on love and celebration. Even though the pandemic is still occurring, destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

So more couples will continue to have their special day somewhere far away, even if it’s still in the United States.

Starting Your Destination Wedding

The first and most apparent benefit of planning a destination wedding is that you and your future spouse can get married in a place that is special or memorable to you both. 

Some couples might say their vows in the Caribbean, while others might get married a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower. No matter where you go, you can make memories and take beautiful wedding photos.

Smaller Guest List

When asked about the number of guests for a destination wedding, it’s always best to put everything on a small list. When there are fewer people at a destination wedding, it can also feel more personal. 

For example, it is not possible or sensible for 200 people to go to a wedding in Bali if most have jobs or families that need their time. The result is that you can make sure your guest list has the people you care about most.

The idea is always to prioritize who matters and those who don’t. Besides, it will be you and your partner going through the challenges in life. 

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