Couples & Engagement Photo Ideas and Poses That Are Fun, Easy, & Elegan

Couples & Engagement Photoshoot | Captured by Lexi in Utah

There are many different kinds of couples. You name it; some are tall, short, fat, and skinny. While some love the spotlight, some pose well independently, while others need a little more help.

It’s a pretty tough job to be a photographer. Still, a memorable one to help those in love cherish their moments forever!

Today, I, Captured By Lexi, will help you get the best poses and photo ideas for your couples & engagement shoots! You can also check out my portfolios for a simple and brief guide. So, what else should you be posing aside from that candid shot? Let’s take a look! 

Starting With a Connection

The engagement shoot is commonly the first time a couple has been photographed with one another. You have a great chance to show your clients what their love looks like from the outside, like how they laugh together, hold, and talk to each other.

At the start of your engagement photo shoot, the best thing you can do is help your clients feel at ease. Tell them their only job is to pay as much attention to each other as possible. You’ll guide them as needed to ensure their engagement photos are fantastic.

Finding Out What Makes Your Clients Unique

If you’re shy, get the couple to open up by asking them to share their wedding story. Questions like how they met, their first date, and how they fell in love and decided to get married would matter.  

If you can do this before their photo shoot, plan an engagement photo shoot with a theme that shows what makes the couple special.

Impressing With Your Collection

Photographers have to make sure that their clients get beautiful pictures. It allows you to impress your customers and exceed their expectations. 

So when you’re done taking pictures, send your sweet couples a custom gallery! Now, what shall they pose?

Cute Ideas For Poses

Getting candid pictures won’t feel natural unless you’re a model. Still, there are a few easy ways to make it feel better.


Whether just holding hands or kissing in a bikini, showing affection in public always makes for a cute photo. Pretend the photographer isn’t there and hug your partner like you are alone, as long as it’s G-rated.


You both like to read. Or do you want to surf? Include your favorite book in the shot, or show off your matching surfboards for a picture that is 100% you. Our favorite prop? Smoke bombs add a pretty and fun splash of color.

 3.Candid Shot

We know; we mentioned it here. But candid are still the best! Besides, we know it’s easier to say than to do, but sometimes the best photos are taken when nothing is planned. Act natural where you choose to give your engagement photos a laid-back feel.

 4.Kissing Hands!

Have the two of them get close and hold hands. Then, have one of your clients kiss the other’s hand and take a picture of the sweet moment. 

An engagement photo of a couple kissing each other’s hands while surrounded by lanterns. This cute pose for all couples shows that they are close and care about each other, and it doesn’t just involve kissing on the lips.

 5.Taking Landscapes

Set up the couple so that they are standing next to each other. Have them put their arms around each one’s waist and look at each other, or have one person lean their head on the other’s shoulder.

You will need to take a photo of the couple from behind during an engagement photo shoot. Take pictures of the couple from the bottom, and you’ll get some beautiful shots of how they look at each other.

 6.Tummy-Tummy Pose!

Saying this tummy phrase is a great way to tell a couple to face each other without being too literal or stiff. From here, they can hold hands, kiss, look away, and laugh.

It’s a nice, natural pose that most couples do when waiting in line, like at the movies.

 7.The Reflective Style

These poses for engagement photos show more of how the couple feels. They tell your love story in a tranquil, hidden way. 

These are best when they happen naturally and beautifully. If every pose is forced or planned, your whole shoot might look fake, so it’s great to add some of these to the mix.

The backgrounds for these photos can be anything from a vast, sunny prairie to beautiful waves or mighty mountains. 

Photographers often get these shots between posed shots when you’re having a special moment together. Just remember to turn off your brain and live in the moment.

 8.Bringing The Passion!

Who doesn’t love classic, romantic photo ideas for an engagement? One of the best poses for an engagement photo is a sweet or passionate kiss or the moment right before a kiss. 

But not every couple likes PDA, so make sure you talk about the kissing shot ahead of time. Try to add romance to the engagement photos, no matter where you take them. Your couple’s engagement is a new milestone in their lives. 

As they get ready to spend the rest of their lives together, these engagement photos will remind them of how happy and loved they felt at that moment, even after being married and having been married for years.

Another way to make your couple’s engagement pictures more romantic is to take them during the golden hour or sunset. You could try silhouettes, a dancing pose, a classic portrait, a kissing shot, or a lovely forehead-to-forehead pose for your engagement photo outside. 

But if you want to take engagement photos at sunset, keep an eye on the time and check out the spot ahead of time, so you know where and how to pose the couple.

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These are only some tips I can share with every couple and photographer out there. But if you need an expert, don’t hesitate to talk and communicate with me! 

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