Wedding Packages: What Does It Cost?

Wedding Packages What Does It Cost

In reality, all it takes in a wedding is saying “I do,” but we all like that perfect marriage, don’t we? If you read this article, you probably wonder how much your dream wedding will cost, but sorry to tell you outright, it’s going to be very expensive. I am here to tell you how much wedding packages will cost you and how you can better prepare for them. 

In 2020, the intermediate cost of a wedding packages was $20,300, down $4,400 from the previous year. The location and scope of the venue, how many guests, catering, and entertainment—not to mention extra expenses that are up to the wedding party’s discretions—all converge to decide the price of a wedding.

Average Costs Of A Wedding

One of the most critical aspects in determining the total cost of a wedding is the number of vendors hired. According to research, couples hire around 14 vendors annually for their wedding before the pandemic. Of course, the prices charged by wedding venues and professionals vary considerably. It’s always a good idea to explore local wedding vendors and ask them about their specific rates and what they include.

Here is how much couples spend on different wedding Packages or vendors on average, but take note that this is pre-pandemic data. 

  • The average cost of a reception venue: is $10,700
  • The average cost of a wedding photographer: is $2,500
  • The average price of a wedding/event planner: is $1,700
  • The average price of a live band: is $4,300
  • The average price of a reception DJ: is $1,400
  • The average price of a florist: is $2,300
  • The average price of a videographer: is $1,900
  • The average price of a wedding dress: is $1,800
  • The average price of the wedding cake: is $500
  • The average price of catering: (price per person): $75
  • The average price of transportation: is $900
  • The average price of favors: is $450
  • The average price of rehearsal dinner: is $2,300
  • The average price of an engagement ring: is $6,000
  • The average price of invitations: $530
  • The average price of a hairstylist: is $130
  • The average price of a makeup artist: is $115

Total: $37600 (Not Including Number Of Guests)

You can do this by excluding some in the list, but it’s still quite a hefty sum. However, many couples managed to save some expenses due to the pandemic since too many guests weren’t allowed due to social distancing. Aside from the pandemic, these rates remained relatively consistent throughout the years. 

Unfortunately, while it did become a norm not to spend as much for a wedding, you can expect some of these prices to scale up. Current inflation rates have made a significant impact on marriages. Cancellations and supply-chain shortages caused by the pandemic, according to florists, makeup artists, and other vendors, have compelled them to raise their prices.

Whatever budget you have in your mind right now, prepare to double it somewhat if you can. You might need to make cutbacks wherever you can. Treat the data as a benchmark and not an expectation. At least you are familiar with the prices to know how to negotiate a better deal. 

How You Can Lower Your Wedding Costs

Even if you plan your upcoming wedding in the minutest detail, there will always be extra expenses that will happen. Expect the unexpected, so even if you have just enough budget for your dream wedding, you might want to be flexible and cut back on the following factors: 

1.) Don’t Hire Too Many Pros For Your Wedding

Hiring an experienced wedding planner will greatly reduce your stress levels before and during the wedding. A professional with expertise will have a specific way of doing things, so you won’t have to make any guesses while making plans for your wedding.

Furthermore, you get precisely what you spend for, and you won’t regret it! You will have a better result if you hire professionals. Having somebody specializing in wedding ceremonies will ensure the best results, whether for photographs, floral, catering, or overall coordination.

However, as essential as they are, you may want not to overdo hiring. Ask your family and friends to do simple tasks that they can do. Another example is not availing live bands or DJs, and a speaker tethered to a phone can undoubtedly do the job. While not as memorable, it keeps the costs down. You wouldn’t want to incur debt when you’ve just entered a marriage. 

2.) Find Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

We all want a seaside wedding or a site near metropolitan areas, but consider suburban venues or other non-traditional sites instead to reduce costs. 

That isn’t to say you won’t be able to find unique wedding venues for a reasonable price. With a bit of research and some creative thinking, you’ll be able to find a solution that satisfies your needs while dwelling within your budget. If your budget is particularly tight, you can even find inexpensive venues if you know where to look.

You could, for instance, lease out your local neighborhood center, book an AirB&B, rent a cottage, or have your wedding reception at a lake. 

Often, you’ll discover that these establishments are hidden gems. 

Furthermore, these non-traditional venues are more distinctive, individualized, and cost-effective in many cases!

3.) Schedule Your Wedding During The Off-Peak Season

Scheduling your wedding during the off-season can save you a lot of money? It’s a simple supply and demand circumstance. Because the most popular wedding months reserve quickly and are in high demand, many venues will charge a premium for those dates.

The peak months vary depending on where you live, but the most popular wedding dates are usually between May and October. May and June in the spring, and September and October in the fall, are the most prevalent months for weddings. If you press on holding your wedding during these months, you may spend more than if you choose a different date. You’ll also face a stiffer challenge when booking your pros and venues!


The best moment of your life doesn’t have to be a deep pocket expense. While other costs may be unnecessary, photography is not one of them. I am Lexi, a Utah-based photographer, and I am dedicated to providing you with the best way to preserve memories through a photograph. So if you are interested, be sure to contact me and check out my wedding packages to learn more about my services at Captured By Lexi website. 

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