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Maternity Photoshoot | Captured by Lexi in Utah

Maternity enhances the power of women. There should not be any reason for a woman not to look her best for these nine months. Due to the remarkable changes that occur during pregnancy, soon-to-be parents are usually eager to take different maternity pictures with the help of a photographer.

Indeed, maternity photography requires the skills of photographing pregnant women at a time when maybe they are not feeling their best. Major expected transformations may occur in the body, and those changes may be unexpected to some. However, this is an opportunity to create once-in-a-lifetime memories of such a precious time in life and capture the baby’s first journey with the mother.

The Beauty Of Maternity Photo Shoots

Show off your silhouette.

All of these maternity photo ideas are all about the beauty of pregnancy. It’s a fantastic way to capture the baby bump with photos of a silhouette. 

Whether the photos are taken in high contrast outside set up, in front of a sunset, in a studio, or even at home in front of a window, no matter where take photos are taken, the silhouette shot is a lovely way to capture the pregnancy miracle.

Take Photos With Your Partner

The world of parenthood is not complete when leaving the partner outside the picture. Getting him to take photos will make the period exciting for both parents.


Photos That Tell the Season  

This is a pregnancy photoshoot idea that tells the time of the year the pregnancy falls. When it falls in winter, taking pictures with a snowy background is a good idea, while in summer, use backgrounds that depict the beauty of the season.

Family Maternity Picture Ideas

The mom-to-be is usually the main side attraction in any pregnancy photo shoot. Still, more uniqueness can be created, such as having fun with other family members participating in the sessions. However, this will capture moments that will linger for a long in the memory of the family members.

 Grandparents and other family members

The possibility of creating a great and creative maternity shoot is endless. So, multi-generational family photoshoot pictures can be made with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members.

What Are the Best Ideas for A Maternity Shoot Location?

Consider staying at home.

This is for pregnant women not interested in going out and walking through a field for maternity photos. They can consider an in-home shoot where they’re more comfortable. 

This also allows the photographer to snap more natural, candid shots of the subject and the family as they prepare for the baby’s arrival. Also, this can be done in the nursery to capture the anticipation of waiting for the little one.

Don’t say no to the studio.

Natural light photos are top-rated right now. While some may think differently about studio photos, they are much more than a cheap backdrop. In fact, photographers have complete control of lighting and backgrounds in their studio, allowing them to capture images that perfectly reflect their personality and beauty, whether in-home or outdoor sessions.

Take it to the streets.

While outdoor maternity session usually sticks to fields and lakes, consider going a little more urban by strolling the local downtown streets. Murals, cafes, shops, and even graffiti can create incredible backdrops for the images. Still, this will get all the color and brightness of natural light with a fresh, more modern look.

How Important Are Hair and MakeUp in A Maternity Photo Shoot?

Hair and makeup are important when considering turning into a photo shoot that will make the soon-to-be-mom look her best and feel on top of the world. For a maternity photography session, it makes pregnant women look beautiful in their own eyes and in the mirror and makes them feel beautiful from within. Since this will only be for once or a few times, a maternity photo session captures the beauty of a powerful woman carrying a child inside of her. 

What Makes an Ideal Maternity Dress?

A maternity dress is something that doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort or whatever is preferred by the soon-to-be mom. Nonetheless, below are a few features to consider when choosing the maternity dress:

  • Comfortable material. The material should be made of stretchy fabrics (think cotton-spandex blends, for instance) that provide room for growth as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Flattering shapes. Pregnancy dresses should hug the baby bump just right and make the woman feel good.
  • Versatile silhouettes. Some dresses can be worn from the first trimester through the baby’s first birthday. Choosing dresses that stand the test of time and distance is essential to maximize their use.
  • Adjustable tops. If planning on nursing postpartum, it’s a good idea to opt for features like a button-down neckline or double-layer top, which can help provide easy breastfeeding access.

Editing The Final Image

A maternity photography session is not only about photo shooting a pregnant woman at her best but also editing those pictures to make them look amazing. This surely does not mean completely changing a woman into what she does not look like. Editing these images enhances the pregnant woman’s beauty to make her look her best. 

Improving in photography means editing those minor flaws which are not noticeable and do not need to be in those images, for example, some tiny pimples, some scratches on the skin, and some bumps in the body, which are generally not there. 

Also, choosing the best photographer is extremely important for a maternity photoshoot. The photographer should know how to capture the beauty of women and make it as perfect as possible. It requires lighting, angles, and fantastic clothing to make the subject stand out. 

The Bottom Line

A maternity photoshoot session is a milestone to look forward to, and choosing the best photographer is vital to capture the beauty of women and make it as perfect as possible. Ultimately, this is to reference beautiful memories for a long time. Captured By Lexi is a Utah-based photographer dedicated to providing a way to reflect on memories, such as Maternity photo shoots or whatever the occasions may be that hold close to the heart.

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